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Showing God's love should be like breathing

Showing God's love should be like breathing, 
as natural as we inhale and exhale oxygen within our lungs.

This should be difficult to prove if we truly loved the Lord our God.
We will naturally show and act on Christ's love to other people 
and we will do it gladly with all of our hearts.

Else, we are just fooling ourselves.
We will be a hypocrite if it is against our will to love other people.

God even taught us to love our enemies.
Love must be sincere.
Hate what is evil and cling to what is good.

I believe there is no need to remind everyone who claims to love God about this.
We will share and show God's love, whether we like it or not.
It is not out of obligation, but because we truly understand the mercy and grace and love of God in our lives.

We loved Him, because He first loved us.
Because that is how we are wired with God's love,

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